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Bhoomi Hindi Full Movie HD | Aditi Rao Hydari | Sunny Leone | Sanjay Dutt

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Rating: 5.4/10
Director:Omung Kumar
Writer: Atul Kumar
Cast: Sanjay Dutt as Arun Sachdeva a.k.a. Baba
Aditi Rao Hydari as Bhoomi Sachdeva, daughter of Arun Sachdeva
Riddhi Sen as Jeetu
Sharad Kelkar as Dhauli
Sidhant Gupta as Neeraj Mathur[5]
Puru Chibber as Vishal Munshi
Sakshi Dwivedi as Diya[6]
Shekhar Suman as Tripurari “Taj” Mishra, Arun’s childhood friend
Minissha Lamba as Prutiya Moko
Sunny Leone in an item number “Trippy Trippy”
Bhoomi Sachdeva, a planner and designer, is all set to be married to Neeraj Mathur, her best friend, but has a problem of returning home late from work. Her father Arun Sachdeva is an alcoholic shoe-maker who sells shoes, but she still loves him, as he has a knack of winning over her every time by showering a father’s love. Meanwhile, preparations for Bhoomi’s wedding with Neeraj come closer, but Vishal Munshi, the son of a middle-aged lady, who is deeply infatuated with Bhoomi, is not happy about it. Despite her warnings, Vishal stalks her, much to her chagrin, and she slaps him back when he tries to force-assert his love, admitting that he is only her friend. Bhoomi goes back to Neeraj, and begins preparing for her big day.

In the meantime, Vishal attends to his cousin brother Dedha where he meets the latter’s boss Dhauli, a gangster. Dhauli chides Vishal for his cowardice and convinces him to do something about it.

One day before the wedding, however, while travelling back home with her aide Jeetu, Bhoomi gets kidnapped as Jeetu takes a loo break out in a bush. Later, as she regains consciousness, she finds Vishal asphyxiating her to near death in Bhagwan Talkies. Vishal, Dedha, and Dhauli take turns in raping Bhoomi, and she falls unconscious.

On the day of the wedding, when Neeraj tries to meet Bhoomi, he is shocked to learn of the harsh reality, and is forced against his will to walk back and cancel the marriage, following which, Arun and his childhood friend, Tripurari “Taj” Mishra come to know of Bhoomi’s condition, and visit a local police station. Arun loses control of his temper when the officer-in-charge ignores his complaint while watching a cricket match. The police officer finally registers his complaint, and goes with him to his house, where they find Bhoomi missing. At this stage, Bhoomi is kidnapped again by Vishal, Dhauli and Dedha. This time, Dhauli throws her down a river and shoots the water so that she can’t escape.

However, Dhauli soon gets a phone call from an anonymous person, from who he comes to know that Bhoomi is alive, resulting in him slapping Vishal. Arun, shattered by the entire scene, tries to shower his love on Bhoomi, who is unconscious on a hospital bed. A court case happens, where Arun accuses the defense lawyer of being patriarchal in her approach and body-shaming Bhoomi, while the case is dismissed after they let go of Dhauli, who warns them he will strike again. When confronted, however, both of them break down, bringing them closer to each other. Bhoomi is further shamed in the society when some people write her phone number on the walls. Neeraj returns, trying to pacify her, but she asks him if he can clean the wall and erase her number from the wall. Neeraj is overcome by remorse, but cannot pacify her as she leaves him. The next day, Jeetu’s family members visit Bhoomi’s house and show her a video from Jeetu’s phone detailing the rape at Bhagwan Talkies. Realizing that Jeetu was complicit in the act, Bhoomi is taken aback.

Arun and Bhoomi turn ruthless and abduct Jeetu, hiding him from everyone. Jeetu is tortured at a formidable scale. Arun then goes on a scaring spree by haunting Vishal, following him everywhere. One day, Dhauli takes a petrified Vishal to Arun, asking the former to apologize to the latter, but Arun is rather adamant and picks up a fight with Dhauli, who leaves after police intervention. On his 18th birthday, Jeetu is killed by Arun and his body is found in Bhagwan Talkies, where the police officer who had earlier registered Arun’s complaint is amazed to see Jeetu’s sister disclaiming responsibility and chiding herself for having been his sister. Soon, the police officer gives Arun his keychain that he had been holding when the complaint had been registered, and the policeman says that one mustn’t leave his belongings after the match is played. This implies that the policeman knew the truth of the murderer, but he was on Arun’s side. A few days later, Dedha comes and tries to assault Bhoomi, but Taj intervenes. However, he crashes into an iron pole and dies from his injuries. Shattered by the loss of his friend, Arun decides to finish off Vishal, Dedha and Dhauli.

Vishal, scared off with Jeetu’s murder, boards an intercity bus which would lead him back to Dhauli’s area, but Arun and Bhoomi confront Vishal and finally force Vishal to castrate himself. Arun drives the bus, which has Bhoomi and a dead Vishal, to Dhauli’s area. After a long scuffle, Dedha dies from his injuries. Dhauli tries to escape through a procession of women, but Arun and Bhoomi chase him to a temple, where Arun kills him, and he falls into a water pond out of injuries, unable to make an exit from the pond, and breathes his last as the women in the procession let go of their chunnis, along with Bhoomi’s own. Bhoomi and Arun look down at the pond having succeeded in their mission.

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