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Bandook Hindi Full Movie HD | Manisha Kelkar | Arshad Khan | Ashish Kotwal

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Rating: 5.9/10
Director: Aditya Om
Writer: Aditya Om
Cast: Aditya Om – Bhola Kevat
Manisha Kelkar – Kajri
Arshad Khan- Lochan Singh Yadav
Ashish Kotwal- Hari Om Tripathi
Gauri Shankar- Police Inspector Puttu Tiwari
Virendra Singh- Virendra Singh
The film depicts the rise of Bhola Kevat, a lower caste boatman “Mallaah” ( Kewat) in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh rising to the unexpected heights of political power. Bandook connects crime and politics, a psychological peep inside the minds of people who use the power of the gun as a ladder to worldly success, It shows the vast distance covered by the human mind from picking a gun to pulling the trigger.

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