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Band Baaja Baaraat Hindi Full Movie HD | Ranveer Singh, Anushka Sharma, Ranjit Batra

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Rating: 7.2/10
Director: Maneesh Sharma
Writer: Maneesh Sharma
Cast: Ranveer Singh as Bittoo Sharma
Anushka Sharma as Shruti Kakkar/ Shruti Bittoo Sharma
Manu Rishi as Inspector (special appearance)
Puru Chibber as Mika, Bittoo’s best friend
Manish Choudhary as Sidhwani
Manit Joura as Sunny, cameraman
Sushil Dahiya as Brigadier Brar
Revant Shergill as Santy, musician
Govind Pandey as Bittoo’s father
Vinod Verma as Shruti’s father
Nirupama Chopra as Shruti’s mother
Pushvinder Rathore as Shruti’s sister
Shena Gamat as Chanda Narang, a famous wedding planner
Manmeet Singh as Rajinder Singh, caterer
Neeraj Sood as Maqsood, florist
Shireena Sambyal as Sonia
Bittoo Sharma (Ranveer Singh) is street-smart and fun-loving. He gatecrashes a wedding for free food, and Shruti Kakkar (Anushka Sharma), an intelligent and quirky girl who is assisting the wedding coordinator, confronts him. Bittoo pretends he is part of the film crew and makes a video of her performance when he sees her dancing at the wedding. The next day, he tries to impress Shruti with a DVD he compiled of her dance at the wedding. Shruti is not interested in flirting and reveals her main interest is becoming a wedding planner.

Bittoo is under pressure from his father (Govind Pandey) to come back to the village and work on sugarcane fields; Shruti is being coaxed into marriage as soon as possible by her relatives. After her exams end, Shruti makes a deal with her parents that she has five years to get her business up and running before they arrange a marriage. When Bittoo’s father comes to take him back to his village, Bittoo lies he cannot come back because he is starting a wedding planning business. He goes to Shruti with the idea of becoming her business partner, but she refuses because she is worried a partnership might lead to a romantic complication. She tells Bittoo the number one rule of business is not let love get in the way.

Shruti and Bittoo go to meet Chanda Narang (Shena Gamat), a famous wedding planner, in hopes Chanda will hire Shruti. Chanda shows no interest in Shruti but loses one of her male workers and offers Bittoo the job. Bittoo accepts on the condition he and Shruti are hired together. On the job, Shruti learns Chanda has bad work ethic, cheats her clients, and delivers nothing according to their wishes. When a client confronts Chanda, she blames Shruti. Bittoo defends Shruti and the two of them quit and form their own company, Shruti’s original idea of Shaadi Mubaarak (Congratulations on the Wedding). They begin with small, low-budget projects and gradually work their way up. They finally get their first big client. The wedding is a huge success and that night they celebrate, ending up drunk and later having sex. Bittoo lies awake all night, worried since Shruti had warned against this.

Bittoo behaves awkwardly around Shruti, while she realizes she has fallen in love with him. She tries to reassure him she’s not like other girls. Bittoo is relieved but misunderstands her words and believes she’s telling him their night of passion didn’t mean anything to her. He is relieved and cites her own rule that love should not get in the way of business. Shruti pretends to agree with him but is despondent and heartbroken. She consoles herself and tries to act normally, but her resentment for Bittoo keeps increasing. This creates a tense atmosphere, eventually leading to a huge fight after the wedding of one of their clients. Shruti breaks the partnership, forcing Bittoo to leave the company. Bittoo starts his own wedding planning business called “Happy Wedding”. However, they both perform terribly by themselves and end up plunging into debt.

They get a big contract but it is contingent upon them working together. Facing debt collectors, they agree to partner up again for the sake of recovering their losses. They divvy the workload, falling back into their old rhythm. The next day, Bittoo tells Shruti they should be partners again. Shruti refuses his offer, telling him she will marry her fianc√© Chetan and will move to Dubai. Bittoo is stunned and pesters her during the rest of the wedding preparations, coming up with various excuses why she shouldn’t marry Chetan. As a last resort, he accuses her of her wanting to wed to exact revenge on him. Shruti tells Bittoo she is doing it for her parents and because Chetan is right for her, and admits she did fall in love with him, but since he didn’t feel the same, she has moved on.

Bittoo realizes he has been in love with Shruti all along but was too scared to acknowledge the feelings he had for her. Desperate to win her back, Bittoo calls Chetan, telling him to buzz off as he loves Shruti. Hearing this, Shruti confronts Bittoo. He tells her he was an idiot to have run away from her love, but also playfully chides her, asking why she couldn’t have taught him true love the way she taught him the ropes of the business world. Shruti calls Chetan and calls off her engagement to him. She and Bittoo then share a kiss.

The film ends with Shruti and Bittoo dancing at their own wedding with all the clientele, friends, and family to the tune of “Ainvayi Ainvayi”.

Shruti and Bittoo, two youngsters from Delhi, start a wedding planning enterprise called Shaadi Mubarak. However, their professional relationship is jeopardised when Shruti falls in love with Bittoo.

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