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Badlapur hindi full movie| Varun Dhawan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Yami Gautam

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Two friends, Liak (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Harman (Vinay Pathak), rob a bank in Pune and steal a car belonging to Misha (Yami Gautam) and her son Robin to flee. During the ensuing chase, Robin falls out of the vehicle while Misha gets shot. As per the plan, Harman jumps out of the car and escapes while the police arrest Liak. Both Misha and Robin succumb to their injuries in a hospital and later die, shattering her husband and his father Raghav “Raghu” Purohit (Varun Dhawan), who violently attacks Liak in prison before learning through Inspector Govind (Kumud Mishra) that Liak had a partner. Soon, Raghu approaches a private detective, Mrs. Joshi (Ashwini Kalsekar), who tells him about Liak’s girlfriend and sex worker, Jhimli (Huma Qureshi). Raghu meets and interrogates her and offers all the insurance money he received for his son’s death in exchange for telling him Liak’s partner’s name, but Jhimli refuses. As a result, an enraged Raghu forces her to dance for him and eventually rapes her. Liak is convicted for the robbery and sentenced to jail, and Raghu exiles himself to a reclusive life far away from Pune.

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