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Andhadhun Hindi Full Movie HD | Ayushmann Khurrana | Tabu | Radhika Apte

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Rating: 8.3/10
Director:Sriram Raghavan
Writer: Sriram Raghavan
Ayushmann Khurrana as Aakash Saraf
Tabu as Simi Sinha
Radhika Apte as Sophie
Anil Dhawan as Pramod Sinha
Zakir Hussain as Dr. Swami
Ashwini Kalsekar as Rasika Jawanda
Manav Vij as Inspector Manohar Jawanda
Chaya Kadam as Sakhu
Pawan Singh as Murli
Mohini Kewalramani as Mrs. D’Sa
Gopal K Singh as Sub-Inspector Paresh
Rashmi Agdekar as Daani
Kabir Sajid Sheikh as Bandu
Rudrangshu Chakrabarti as Murli
Pratik Nandkumar More as Surya
Mahesh Rale as P. Kamdar
Abhishek Shukla as Animal Hunter
Jaydutt Vyas as Alurkar

Aakash Saraf is a maestro pianist, who lives alone in Pune. He fakes being blind to others, attempting to improve his skills at playing, despite having perfect eyesight. While crossing the street, he is knocked over by a woman named Sophie, who befriends him. Impressed by Aakash’s talent, she gets him an engagement at her father’s diner. They soon start hanging out together and later begin an intimate romantic relationship. At the diner, a retired actor, Pramod Sinha, notices Aakash and invites him to perform at his apartment for his wedding anniversary. Aakash arrives at the Sinhas’ flat and Pramod’s wife Simi opens the door. Simi, convinced that Aakash is blind, lets him play the piano. Aakash sees Pramod’s dead body nearby but feigns ignorance and continues to play; he also sees Manohar, Simi’s affair interest, hiding in the bathroom. Simi and Manohar clean the body and stuff it into a suitcase while Aakash plays.

Aakash tries to report the murder to the police, but discovers that Manohar is a police inspector, forcing him to remain silent. At Pramod’s funeral, Simi overhears her elderly neighbor, Mrs. D’Sa, talking to a police officer about Pramod’s murder. She states that on the day of the murder, another person (Manohar) had come to the flat before Aakash did. Realizing that Mrs. D’Sa is a threat, Simi kills her by pushing her off the balcony of her apartment. Aakash witnesses the murder but is forced to continue feigning ignorance. Simi becomes suspicious of Aakash and visits him, intent on exposing Aakash’s farce. She hands some ‘prasad’ for Aakash to eat and attempts to poison him. When Aakash attempts to bluff his way through, Simi pulls a gun on him, forcing him to reveal himself. Aakash pleads her to leave him, but is suddenly paralyzed – Simi had mixed poison in the ‘prasad’ which she gave him. The poison incapacitates Aakash – blinding his eyesight completely.

A neighbor’s child, suspicious of Aakash, records a video of Aakash being fully able to see and shows it to Sophie. As Sophie arrives, Simi arranges his room to look like she and Aakash are having sex. Furious and heartbroken, Sophie leaves Aakash and breaks up with him. Later, Manohar comes to Aakash’s home to kill him. Aakash overpowers Manohar and barely escapes, but is knocked out after hitting a telephone pole. Aakash wakes up in an illegal organ harvesting clinic run by one Dr.Swami. Swami and his assistants Murli and Sakhu decide to spare Aakash when Aakash reveals that he possesses information worth millions of rupees. Upon his instructions, they kidnap Simi, stage a suicide scene, planning to blackmail Manohar for ten million rupees. However, Murli and Sakhu double-cross Aakash, tie him up with Simi, and plan to take the money themselves. Manohar comes to the exchange point – a building under construction, intent on finding the culprit. He finds and shoots Murli, but Sakhu traps him in an elevator and shuts down the electricity. Panicked, Manohar attempts to shoot his way through the elevator door, only for the bullet to ricochet and hit him instead; his fate left ambiguous. A hysterical Sakhu takes Murli to a hospital, only for him to be pronounced dead. The money is revealed to be counterfeit. Meanwhile, Simi helps Aakash free himself and he removes Simi’s blindfold. He tries to escape, while Simi frees herself and attacks him. Swami enters the room, only to be attacked by Simi as well. The duo are able to overpower and drug Simi, before locking her in the boot of her car and driving off. Swami explains that Simi has a rare blood type, which matches the blood type of his overseas client – who is in need of a liver transplant. Swami explains that if the transplant is successful, he will be paid U.S $1,000,000. He further states that Simi’s organs could be harvested to sell at the black market. He offers to share the money with Aakash – advising him to get a cornea transplant and settle down happily.

Two years later, at a nightclub in Kraków, Sophie finds Aakash, who still appears to be blind. Aakash reveals everything about what had happened to him previously – after Swami had explained his plan to him, he objected, wanting the cops to arrest Simi. Swami had argued back, not wanting to lose the money. Before they could continue, Simi had regained consciousness. Swami attempted to drug Simi again, but was incapacitated by her. Simi drives away with Aakash and with him still believing Swami was in the car, inadverdently reveals the plan. Infuriated, Simi orders Aakash to get out of the car, intending to run over him. Before she could kill him, a hare being chased by an armed farmer suddenly leaps on to the road, hitting the car – forcing Simi to lose control and crash, killing her. Aakash manages to leave India and reaches London, with the help of a friend.

After listening to his story, Sophie advises Aakash that he should have accepted Dr. Swami’s offer to restore his eyesight as well as his share of the reward money. Aakash silently leaves and later uses his cane to swat a can out of his way.

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