Anand Balraj

Anand Balraj

is an actor and director, known for Bhabhi (1991), Khal Nayak (1993) and Pardes (1997).

Son of actor Balraj Vij. Balraj worked as a actor under the name “:Balraj” then later as Sr. Balraj Vij .

He produced and directed the disastrous Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai 2012 with Veena Malik and suffered huge losses.

Anand Balraj met with a major accident when a taxi rammed him at Marine Drive while he was getting out of his car after a long stay in hospital he found his bank account empty. Aditya Pancholi who casually called him received this news and asked Salman Khan to help him,Salman Khan looked after his hospital bills and financed his major surgery and now he is back on his feet.

Was engaged to Jyotsna of Vishwatma fame.

Was married to Veena Kaur . She was a air hostess/manager with Cathay Pacific. They have a daughter named Ajunee Kaur. Veena and her daughter have now relocated to Hong Kong. Her family is based there.

Brother of director Deepak Balraj Vij. From Deepak’s first marriage he has a son, actor Varun Vij and a daughter Megha Vij Mahapatra. Deepak later remarried actress Kishoree Shahane. They now have a son named Bobby Vij who is a upcoming model and actor.

Nephew is actor Varun Vij.

Was involved with actress Babita in 1983.

Freindship with Mazhar Khan went sour when Mazhar accused Anand for encouraging his former wife Rubaina Khan to become a model.

Was to debut as hero in the film Raju Mera Naam (1982).

Starred in the shelved movie R.S.Films Raju Mera Naam(1973). Starring Pradeep Kumar,New find Anand Balraj and Vijeta,Narendra Nath. Produced and Directed by R.L.Banerji.

Was involved with Barkha Roy in the late 70s.

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