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Aborto | আবর্ত | Bangla Full Movie | Tota | Jaya Ahsan | Abir | Chhobighor |

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Shyamal Sen (Tota Roychowdhury) is GM sales for an MNC and is competing for the Vice President post of his company alongside Ranadip aka Runu Sanyal (Saswata Chatterjee). Shyamal hails from a middle-class family in Sonarpur where he has grown up with his elder brother (Kaushik Ganguly). He is now married to Charu (Joya Ahsan). Shyamal has always been jealous of his elder brother because he felt that his elder brother got all the attention in the family and was more intelligent among the siblings. He burned off his brother’s certificates in a fit of rage as a child. This is shown in the film’s opening credits.

When Charu conceives, Shyamal persuades her for an abortion saying he has a training in London and cannot jeopardize his career at this juncture. Shyamal gradually becomes distant from his family in pursuit of a successful career. He moves to a swanky apartment in Kolkata leaving behind his ancestral home in Shonarpur. They soon adapt to the hi-life in Kolkata however his wife Charu still longs for the simple life back in Sonarpur.

The plot heats up when Runu Sanyal tries to sign up Hari Bose (Abir Chatterjee) as the brand ambassador for their company and Shyamal tries to crack a successful deal. Both of them confident that these achievements could put them in the VP’s shoes. In the meanwhile Charu meets Hari Bose at the club. Hari is attracted to her and they end up going on a date on her birthday. The rat race gets dirty when Runu Sanyal uncovers the fact that Shyamal has slept with his Assistant Duli (Reshmi Ghosh) while they were gone for a business trip and this puts Shyamal in a dicy position. Unable to face the truth Shyamal escaped to his ancestral home in Sonarpur and finds solace in his brother’s kind words.

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