Aroni Tokhon, bangla full movie, Paoli Dam, Pradip Mukherjee, Prateik, Indraneil Sengupta, 2017.

A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love with each other and have to contend with the tensions that exist between their communities.

Devi | bangla full movie | Paoli Dam , Shataf Figar , Rima Guhathakurta .

Set in 2018, the movie tells the story of Ranu(Jaya Ahsan), a middle-class housewife who is seemingly attatched with some paranormal powers. After some strange circumstances, Her husband Anis (Animesh Aich), seeks help from Misir Ali (Chanchal Chowdhury), a psychiatrist and part-time professor in Dhaka University, to find an answer to her paranormal problems. At the same […]

Aroni Takhon | Bengali Full Movie | Paoli Dam, Prateik Babbar , Sourav Chakraborty

A Hindu man and a Muslim woman fall in love with each other and have to contend with the tensions that exist between their

Parapaar | Bengali Full Movie | Rituparna, Paoli Dam, Bratya Basu

Parapaar (Bengali: পারাপার) is a 2014 film[1][2][3][4][5][6] directed by Sanjoy Nag[7][8][9][10][11] is based on the Moti Nandy novel. A convict, Rudra (Ahmed Rubel),[12][13][14][15][16][17] who returns home to his wife (Rituparna Sengupta)[18][19][20] and two kids after serving a 14-year jail term. He comes back to find his home-maker wife transformed into a woman who had grown stronger over the years while fending for […]

Hoi Choi bangla full movie | Rahul Banerjee, Paoli Dam, Rudranil Ghosh

About the noise and fanfare, Hoichoi, of a young theater group fighting for a start in theater. It shows their concerns about love and friendships and the importance of each, as well as ambitions and ideologies.

Ajana Batas bangla full movie | Shankar Chakraborty, Vikram Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Koushik Sen

Deepa struggles to communicate with others as her innermost words are usurped by a mysterious strange wind and a stifling silence envelops her simultaneously. How will she get out of this shell? Will the mystic wind ever relieve her of this ordeal ?

Ankur Arora Murder Case (2013) Full Movie | Kay Kay Menon, Tisca Chopra, Arjun, Paoli Dam

Rating: 6.5 Director: Sohail Tatari Writers: Vikram Bhatt, Shagufta Rafique (dialogue) Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Visshesh Tiwari, Tisca Chopra Plot: A highly reputed doctor makes a small mistake, which costs the life of a kid Ankur Arora. Will he succeed in hiding his mistake or will the mother of the kid get Justice.

Raat Baaki Hai Full Movie | Paoli Dam, Anup Soni, Dipannita Sharma |

Rating: 5.1 Director: Avinash Das Writers: Akhilesh Jaiswal (dialogue), Siddharth Mishra Stars: Paoli Dam, Anup Soni, Dipannita Sharma | Plot: It’s a story of one night where estranged lovers Kartik and Vasuki end up meeting each other after 12 years under strange circumstances. Kartik is on a run for being a murder suspect. However, there […]

Password full movie | Dev, Adrit Roy, Paoli Dam

plot:A police officer tracks down a cyber criminal that hacks the passwords of innocent people in order to destroy their lives. EN Director: Kamaleswar Mukherjee Stars: |