Creature | hindi full moie | Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Mukul Dev.

Ahana opes a hotel on scenic Himalyan region soon her father commits suicide leaving many unanswered questions.she meets a novelist Kunal and both fall in love.The region is soon believe to have seen return of Brahmarakshas a man eating demon cursed by ancient gods.Everyone lives in fear in the region and many decide to leave […]

Baaz | hindi full movie | Dimple Bagroy, Mukul Dev, Surmeet Maavi.

Good cop tries to uproot corruption from the Punjab (India) police, and challenge institutional collusion with evil businessmen who are secretly drug barons.

Sultan The Saviour | bangla full movie | Jeet , Prantik Banerjee , Mukul Dev .

The film starts with an operation of squad soldiers to round up criminal syndicate leader Ronnie. His two own younger brother Lama and Ujan helps him. Ronnie’s two brother have taken the families of all the other soldiers hostage earlier, leading to them betraying their leader and taking him hostage. Before he’s killed, the leader […]