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Sultan The Saviour | bangla full movie | Jeet , Prantik Banerjee , Mukul Dev .

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The film starts with an operation of squad soldiers to round up criminal syndicate leader Ronnie. His two own younger brother Lama and Ujan helps him. Ronnie’s two brother have taken the families of all the other soldiers hostage earlier, leading to them betraying their leader and taking him hostage. Before he’s killed, the leader say that a good man will come and take Ronnie down, Ronnie responds that only someone as bad as him will stand a chance.

Meanwhile, Raja has arrived to Kolkata with his sister Disha. Raja is a kind and gentle person and his kindness proved effective to immediately reform hooligan named Kolkata Kaali, who help Raja and Disha to find out their new house where they acquaint with neighbours. After enrolling Disha, Raja gat a job as a driver at a Thustaxi company. Shortly after, he accidentally gets his first customer lawyer Alia whom Raja unintendedly gets fired from her job. Alia teams up with Raja’s taxy company boss after he too is embarrassed by Raja in order to take revenge, but Alia later befriends with Raja. Raja also gets to know Alia’s brother, who falls in love to Disha.

Raja and all the other taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers are called in a conference by the police commissioner asked to report any activities by the syndicate members who have been causing crime activity in the city. One day Raja see them and reports a case of arms and drugs smuggling which leads Ujan to capturing him. But Raja surprisingly flee and brutally kills Ujan and all of his men. Lama come to Kolkata and investigates the murder the next day and works on tracking the murderer down. Lama and his technical team track Raja’s mobile signal to their own tower. Raja also brutally murder Lama and his entire attack and hit squad. Alia follows him and is horrified by his actions and wishes to stop the marriage between her brother and Disha, but Raja reveals that Disha is not actually his sister.

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