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Nirbaak bangla full movie | Anjan Dutt, Jisshu Sengupta, Ritwick Chakraborty

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Affection: The story begins with the protagonist (Anjan Dutt) who is schizophrenic, suffering at the same time from multiple personality disorder. He loves himself. He speaks little and in his daily routine he plays the role of himself as husband, his wife and he writes letter at the same time to his deceased mother (played by himself). In the opening scene, Anjan wakes up on his birthday, spends much time caring for self, going out alone and studying a book titled ‘Make Yourself Unforgettable’ while sitting at a park. Then comes Sushmita Sen who is also a regular visitor to the park and tries to share her own griefs (although most of the conversations are inaudible to the audience). At the end of the conversation, Anjan gives only one statement ‘Love Yourself’ and leaves. Later that day Anjan goes to a restaurant and cuts his birthday cake alone, eating it and spreading the cream all over his face (all of these he did in such a way as if he was not actually doing this, as if he were seating with his imaginary girlfriend, wife or live-in-partner). At night, he is being shown as a drunk who has just returned after spending the whole day outside. Then he plays his ‘affectionate’ part by masturbating while believing that he is on his bed with his partner. Next day he meets with an accident in his bathroom when he slips in his bathtub. He was then shown to be severely injuring his head and was being taken to a hospital.

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