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Nh 10 | hindi full movie | Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhoopalam, Darshan Kumaar.

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Meera and Arjun are married and have corporate jobs in Gurgaon. One night, they are enjoying a party when Meera receives a telephone call from her office. She leaves for her office but is attacked by thugs who smash her car’s window. Meera escapes but is shaken by the incident; Arjun buys Meera a gun. Arjun suggests a road trip for Meera’s upcoming birthday; the couple start their journey the next day. While stopping at a roadside dhaba for lunch, a young woman called Pinky arrives and pleads for help; Pinky tells the couple she and her husband are about to be murdered. Meera and Arjun see a gang of men round up Pinky and a young man, beat them and drag them into their vehicle. Arjun intervenes but Satbir, the gang leader, slaps him and tells him Pinky is his own sister. Arjun drives after the gang; he and Meera witness the ongoing honour killing: Pinky and the young man are beaten and Pinky poisoned by Satbir. Arjun and Meera escape but the gang finds them. As the gang dig a grave for their victims, Satbir uses Meera and Arjun’s gun to shoot Pinky and the man in front of them. A fight ensues and Arjun shoots a gang member named Chhote, and runs away with Meera.

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