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Mom | hindi full moie | Sridevi, Sajal Ali, Akshaye Khanna.

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Mrs. Devki Sabarwal is a biology teacher and vivacious and popular among her students. In the class, a student, Mohit Chadda sends Devki’s stepdaughter, Aarya Sabarwal an offensive video and Devki throws his phone out of the window. At home, despite Devki’s persistent and warm approach toward her, Aarya remains frosty and distant, rebuffing her attempts to build a relationship. Aarya is invited to Valentine’s Day party at a farmhouse called Zodiac Farms, Devki and her husband Anand Sabarwal permit this with great hesitation. Aarya rejects Mohit and his cousin brother Charles Deewan at the party. Angered by this very public rejection, Charles, Mohit, their criminal friend Joginder ‘Jagan’ Singh, and the security guard of the farmhouse Babu Ram Yadav attacks Aarya when she leaves the party. They brutally rape her and dump her in a drain along the side of a road, leaving her for dead after half-strangling her. She is found barely alive and brought to the hospital, where she undergoes various operations to save her. Devki and Anand are shattered. Aarya soon recovers and releases a statement naming her attackers.

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