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Creature | hindi full moie | Bipasha Basu, Imran Abbas, Mukul Dev.

In this video

Ahana opes a hotel on scenic Himalyan region soon her father commits suicide leaving many unanswered questions.she meets a novelist Kunal and both fall in love.The region is soon believe to have seen return of Brahmarakshas a man eating demon cursed by ancient gods.Everyone lives in fear in the region and many decide to leave the place but Ahana decides to stay back and fight the demon with Kunal and two police officers,Rana and Chaubey.They find that many years ago when Brahmarakshasa had appeared an hunter had killed him an the only person who could help them is the hunters son Dr Moga.While on their way to meet Dr Moga Kunal reveals to Ahana that he was the reason behind her fathers suicide.

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