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Chayamoy | ছায়াময় | Bengali Full Movie | Sabyasachi | Gourab | Paran |

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Indrajit is a UK based scholar. While working to preserve historical documents, he finds a parchment from which he learns about treasures hidden in an old Zamindar palace in Simulgarh, a village of West Bengal. Actually Indrajit is the descendant of the zamindar’s family. He comes to the village and finds out the treasure. But a corrupt moneylender Gagan Sapui accuses him of robbery, beats him up, snatches all the treasures and throws him in a nearby forest. From there, Indra is rescued by Alankar, a simple and poor boy from the village. Together they retrieve the treasure from Gagan Sapui with the help of a noble ghost Chhayamoy, who was once the minister of the Zamindar family. Eventually, the fraud and the corrupt nature of Gagan Sapui is revealed to the entire village.

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