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Asur | bengali full movie | Jeet , Abir Chatterjee , Trambak Roy

In this video

Kigan is an artist who is very passionate about his arts and works. He is always immersed in his own pool of thoughts and does not care about surroundings. Kigan is frequently suspended from his job as a professor of art due to his unusual activities in the class like consuming alcohol in the class etc. He is eventually fired from his job for doing scandalous photo shoots of an unknown rickshaw puller with one of his female students in college. But instead of being depressed for losing job, he is now very much happy for being an independent artist who is his own’s owner.

Kigan starts to visualise Devi Durga as a young girl, who always accompanies him in his works. Gradually Kigan develops a love and care towards that young girl. Kigan plans to create something historical, majestic, immortal centring Durga. So he calls up Aditi (played by Nusrat Jahan) who is his friend and also has an affection towards him. She and Kigan were students of same art college. Kigan tells Aditi that he wants to create world’s largest Durga idol at Deshbandhu park where Aditi’s father (played by Biplab) is a patron. Aditi agrees and arranges a meeting between Kigan and the committee. They mock Kigan at first but later agree for the project after seeing a demo of the idol done by Kigan in a tennis court.

The puja committee previously worked with a large corporate company as sponsor, which is run by Bodhi who is a friend of Kigan and husband of Aditi. Bodhi agrees to work with them at a condition that, they have to remove Kigan as the maker but Aditi’s father disagrees to remove Kigan, so they work with a new company. The new company makes terrific marketing of the puja through ads, banners etc. So people become very enthusiastic about the puja. Meanwhile, Bodhi is very much depressed as Kigan’s creation becomes very popular among people and beats any other puja pandal in terms of crowd. Bodhi plans to demolish Deshbandhu park’s puja and take revenge against Kigan

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