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Amra Na Ora | bangla full movie | Debdut Ghosh, June Malia, Rituparna Sengupta

In this video

Maruf is an orphan but brilliant student in college. He has an affair with Shanu. Shanu’s father becomes angry with Maruf while dancing they were dancing together in a college program and sends Siddhi Masud to break their relationship. He sends Maruf to jail through false case. Maruf gets bail from jail through Nurjahan who wants his help to kill his husband Dhumketu. Maruf hears the news of Shanu’s committing suicide and kills Siddhi Masud to take revenge. Maruf meets Setu while going to Nurjahan’s house. Meanwhile, Zahurul learns that Setu’s father Shiraz has a huge amount of money and he kills the family except Setu to take the money. Later he gets killed by Maruf. Maruf then goes to kill Dhumketu but Dhumketu’s brother Jalil get killed by a misfire of Maruf. Finally he finds his actual parents but it is too late

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