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Alinagarer Golokdhadha | Bengali full Movie | Anirban, Parno, Sayantan Ghosal

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In 1990, the last surviving member of a family of landlords in Murshidabad auctions off his valuable possessions to the local villagers, for very low returns. Among those valuables was an old sword, which was surprisingly bought by Somnath Das for 1000 rupees. Soon he is approached by a businessman, Amirchand Mittal, who offers him 10 lakh rupees in exchange of the sword. Somnath declines the offer. Amirchand is followed by a police officer, who in turn is killed by the businessman’s goons. Unfortunately, Somnath becomes the unwitting eye-witness of the murder. The goons follow him and shoot at him, but he escapes, only to be run over by a car in the highway.

In the present day, Soham and Brishti are taking a tour of Kolkata, while Soham explains its histories. He is interested in a historical research of Bengal and Kolkata, to which end Brishti recommends him to her father Ashutosh Singha, a renowned historian and author of Banglar Ayna, a book on Bengal’s history, for a scholarship. Ashutosh is being interviewed by Jahnabi, an independent documentary film maker, but his mind is disturbed. He is being sent a number of unnamed chits, each stating the circumstances in which the conspirators against Siraj ud-Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, died. Brishti brushes these off as pranks, but Soham deduces that it has something to do with her father’s book. Soham is introduced to Ashutosh at the latter’s house, and Ashutosh agrees upon granting Soham the scholarship, and requests him to stay at his house only. Soham is introduced to Sakkhi Gopal, the caretaker of the house and a distant relative of Ashutosh.

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