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Alik Sukh | bangla full movie | Shakuntala Barua ,Biswanath Basu , Sudipa Basu

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A renowned gynecologist, Dr Kingshuk Guha (Debshankar Haldar), lands himself in a professional crisis when one of his patients, Kabita Mondol (Sohini Sengupta), dies on the operating table while he is away buying a luxury apartment for his family. Kabita’s enraged husband (Biswanath Basu) and relatives attempt to mob the hospital. On hearing the news, Kingshuk’s wife, Rumi (Rituparna Sengupta), rushes to the hospital to be with her husband. She happens to see Kabita’s corpse lying unattended in the empty operation theatre and begins to imagine that the dead woman is communicating with her. Well-off, in a loving marriage, and pregnant with the couple’s second child, Rumi begins to question her right to happiness when her husband has been responsible for depriving another family of its loved one. She becomes emotionally alienated from Kingshuk when he refuses to accept culpability for Kabita’s death. Kingshuk, in turn, grows frustrated at Rumi’s lack of support as he faces investigation by a medical committee and a compensation claim of Rs 1,000,000 by Kabita’s relatives. Kingshuk and Rumi’s relationship sours to the point that they stop speaking to each other. Eventually, Rumi leaves with her son to stay for a while at her parents’ house. Kingshuk manages to reach an out-of-court settlement for Rs 3,00,000 with Kabita’s relatives. Relieved and wishing to reconcile, he calls Rumi, announcing that he has “bought the patient party”. Rumi is devastated at Kingshuk’s callous attitude and the lack of justice for Kabita. Soon after receiving the call, she suffers a fall and has a miscarriage, which leads to severe abdominal hemorrhaging. The tables are turned and Kingshuk finds himself in the same position as Kabita’s crazed husband as the medical team at the local hospital takes its time in attending to Rumi. Rumi survives. A penitent Kingshuk seeks forgiveness for his actions and promises to make things better between them. From Rumi’s perspective, Kabita finally experiences closure. Hopes for a happier future emerge.

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