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Aam Sutra | bengali full movie | Rupankar Bagchi , Kohima Basu , Ramen Biswas

In this video

Tollyworom every corner of BENGAL , dream to get a platform here . Abhi , Sneha , Madhu , Ariyan , Suman , Atanu , Hari , Neel are examples of the addicted persons of this dream land , who started staying together , ever formed a production house , with an aspiration to leave a mark in — Tollygunge Industry . They were a young talented group consisting of Director , actor , actress , music director , choreographer , D.O.P. Together they enjoyed every bit of their journey . Whether it is making fun with once renowned Theater artist BHOJO DA, bitter experiences they had with producers like Mrs. Mukherjee or Sharmaji , Platonic love of Neel and Trishna , Ariyan’s triangle love or Joy’s addiction towards girls and many more funny and bitter experiences , which were all captured in their THIRD EYE . It was Madhu and Ariyan , who introduced Sagar babu to their group . Sagar babu initially promised them to produce their film but later on when he refused , Suman influenced him to invest money in their project . Even Dolon promised Joy to financially help them if required . With full enthusiasm the shooting started . But on the very second day it stopped . But why ? The dream team started scattering . Even Sneha , left Abhi . Abhi saw all his dream to die day by day . But one question just disturbed him . If success means , planning , determination , hard work , luck , then they had got everything . Yet why they are loosing hope . So , what is that common yet uncommon theory , that became the REASON for their ultimate SUCCESS ? OD — the entry — to the world of GLAMOUR , DREAM AND DESIRE People .

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